A.I.A.®, Italian Association of Aerobiology, was founded in Bologna in 1985 when a group of researchers combine their efforts with the aim to develop and promote scientific interest on this important subject.

The association currently has more than 200 members. An Executive Board, composed of President, Past-President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasure and six Counselors, coordinate its activities by staying on office for three years.

One of the main activities of the AIA is management and running of the Italian Aerobiological Monitoring Network (R.I.M.A.®), which is linked to the european network, European Aeroallergen Network (EAN).

Besides A.I.A organizes a national congress every three years, during which scientific and technical sessions about most important topics in aerobiology are set; an annual basic course on aerobiological monitoring, for new professionals training; thematic workshops on most current issues, and national and international panel discussions.

The collaboration between A.I.A.® and ISDE (Doctors for Environment Association) gave birth to GEA, European Journal of Aerobiology, Environment and Infections spread by air, thank also to publishing house Mattioli. Prof. Piero Dall’Aglio is the scientific director of the review, and counselors of AIA and ISDE are the guarantors of academic content. In addition every three months AIA publishes the Aerobiological News, which the journal Pneumorama housed since 2002.

A.I.A.® is also affiliated to:

  • International Association for Aerobiology (IAA);
  • European Aerobiology Society (EAS);
  • International Ragweed Society (IRS).

A.I.A.® currently serves as an aggregation and comparison tool for all researchers interested in the study of airborne particles of biological origin and their impact on humans, agriculture and cultural heritage.